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Make your renovations more dramatic with the addition of new flooring. Whether you decide to install hardwood, tile, or vinyl, our team will make sure it is installed using the best methods. As experienced professionals in the construction business, we are dedicated to making sure that you get the finished product you expect.

Hives Removal

Install the right flooring for your home

Each room in your home may require different flooring, depending on your specific needs. We will install the hard surface flooring you choose for your home.

Refinish your existing floor

Save money by refinishing your existing hardwood floor. We will sand down and remove the current finishing and then stain the hardwood with a stain color of your choice. This option looks great, while costing you less!

Hard surface flooring options

  • Sand and finish hardwood

  • Tile installation

  • Engineered and pre-finished hardwood

  • Luxury vinyl

  • Staircases

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Hard Surface Flooring